Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday wishlist~Crazy for peacocks!

Top row left to right
1) Silk peacock feathers luxury clutch $105
2) Peacock cuff $25
3) Long peacock feather scarf $20
4) Bleu Peacoque hair accessory $16

Second row left to right
1) Party Peacock print $15
2) Fabulous peacock and Ostrich mini Top hat $100
3) Frederick Peacock necklace $95
4) (top) Whimsical peacock cake topper $60
5)(bottom) Peacock plume earrings $27

I have ALWAYS had a weakness for the majestic peacock! I always keep some feathers in a vase in my room and just love the colors!! Check out these fantastic items by Etsy artisans :D Click on the item links to direct you to those great sellers :D

Check back saturday for night styles :D



The Pretty Peacock said...

Gorgeousness!!! :) Thanks for thinking of me!!! :)

Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

of course, Thanks :D as i was making this post i was reminding myself to tell you :D

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