Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Series! Global Fashion: First stop India!

title: GLOBAL FASHION. First stop~India!

Hi there! I decided to start a new series each month at the blog where we will take a look at one interesting outfit from another country and discuss it. Since I am of Bangladeshi heritage I wanted to begin with a review of Churidar, from close by India. Pronounced CHOO*REE*DAR, this lovely ensemble is modern and alluring, yet traditional and conservative. The ancient style was once worn only by Mogul Royalty, but eventually became widespread and popular around the subcontinental area.

Churidar combines tight fitting, long pants with a long kameez (top) anf scarf (orna).The bottom of the pants fit snugly around the ankle with the extra length falling in layers like a ripple effect. Outlining the shape of the lower leg, this attire is considered chic and sexy~ compared to other traditional outfits which cover the legs with wide trousers, or sari's skirt-like bottom.

Kameez (top) worn in Churidar varies in length~ reaching the shin, knee or thigh. Slits along the sides are optional for comfort, and add intrigue without showing an inch of skin. The final detail is a long scarf (orna) that usually matches a vibrantly detailed top, while the pants are simple and often without decoration. Color palettes, patterns and designs are infinite, and you will never see the same outfit anywhere, even in the same store.

Churidar can be made of cotton, satin, georgette or the finest silk covered in embroidery, sequins, glitter, gemstones, wood and even mini mirrors cut into different shapes. Amazingly most of these works are the most intricate artistry I have ever seen and most adorments are done individually by hand. Don't you just love how everone in India 'buys handmade' so often? :D In a nation that is scented with tradition Churidar is by far one of my favorite overlooked treaures and I hope that you enjoyed learning about it!

I hope you enjoyed this posting...more to come, one per month. But check back next week for a regular posting.

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