Friday, May 13, 2011

SPRING CLEARANCE & catchup time :D

Hey everyone :) It's been such a long while since i begin, be sure to check out the SPRING CLEARANCE EVENT! Items Start at $5..and theres a huge selection to choose from. Here are my favorite $10 items, all available HERE

Please, go check those out.. but if you have a minute let me tell you what has been going on with me (Sarah) and Artwark since January. My Dad was out of the country visiting relatives from Jan-March. SO, i was on house duty, taking my Mom to work, taking over tons of stuff he does & trying to keep my head over water, all the while juggling what I guess is family life! Kudos to those of you with families and children, my hats off to ya! It's tough work!! Happy late Mother's Day to all as well!!

So anyways, late in March, family visited us for a week, so i took on some more responsibilities to cook and look after them. Needless to say, Artwark suffered a bit :( since i just didn't have the time to stay on task as much. After being totally burnt out, I got sick and stayed sick for about 3 weeks and the second I felt better, I started getting back in gear for Mom's Day Sales!! Though i didn't get a chance to write here at the blog..i'm always an email away through

I'm THRILLED to say that all the hard work paid off & things have really picked back up for Artwark :) If you like my work or know of a venue interested in it, i am looking to expand and have piece out in more shops, you cant contact me at



tom said...

nice said...

I'm happy for you that the hard work and things were picked back! It is nice to hear also that all the workload has been eliminated in such a pleasant way!

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