Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I just got back from restocking a few items I display at a local business, Health and Harmony. It is an All natural facility that has massage, chiropractic, alternative medicine, biofeedback, crystals etc. I used to work at that office and the healing powers of crystals i learned about are one of the things that got me into using so many natural gemstones in my pieces....

i finally found the chalcedony treat that i was looking for yesterday. I also got some materials from Vintaj...This is a great line of vintage looking oxidized and bronzed brass filigree. Very rustic and cool, but not quite my forte. After hours of bending filigree and trying to wire, i realized that i should leave 'bending of the brass' to someone that is not me... the rings turned out pretty, but i must say its a little rough on the skin compared to Gold filled and sterling components. I can't lie though, I am tempted to run back to my supplier for some more Vintaj. It's so different and reminds me of the garden at our house in my childhood...the dark trellis with vines curling around each corner...bright flowers and chirping birdies all around!
I am a bit late on my usual morning posting, but i guess it has been a busy day. It began with a lovely call from the hyenas of "financial aid." what is up with the crazy amount of money colleges and universities charge. In Canada, higher learning is so much cheaper...it must be the FABULOUS FOOD here? har har.

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