Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So last night was a cool potluck dinner for the volunteer/judges for MIST, an Islamic competition for kids...which was this last weekend in NY...I realized a while ago that lately Spiritual jewelry has become oh, so popular amongst the trendy jewelry artisan's crown...and Muslim type jewelry has been too neglected...In my GLOBAL UNITY collection, i have symbols of all different faiths as well as pieces from each individual practice. Among these, I will be expanding the Muslim line. These are all "modern pieces" meaning, they are new and not the same old, usual piece. I like to combine elements so that there are a few things to look at on the piece.

I seem to run out every time i introduce something Muslim because it is so hard to come by supplies for it and the designs are unique to online shoppers. Turkish evil eye charms, 24k GOLD vermeil filigree hand of Fatima and more to come!

(However, shipping from Canada is BAD!) I am still waiting for a shipment i placed 60 days's odd that my orders from Thailand are here faster than orders from Canada. 60 days in the mail? Methinks i could have WALKED there by now! NOT that i'm about to try that route. Well stay tuned for more! I'm off to eat some breakfast!

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