Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well today is the first day someone will be working with me at my little 'shop.' Doing all the parts can get isolated and monotonous so i have upped the ante by getting a little extra help :) I have just about depleted my bubble mailer stock, so agenda #1 for the day is to prepare packaging. As many of you crafters, know, packaging from materials and supplies can certainly add up, so i am now in my recycling phase of bubble mailers. Honestly, i think it's cheaper to buy the mailers wholesaled rather than recycle old packaging. ~Recycyling requires the use of staples and tape, hiking up the cost to mail that way. But people, we must think of the TREES! i refuse to throw away so many bubble mailers whose BUBBLES certainly are not biodegradable. Better that I recycle them.

Methinks the world needs a new superhero cartoon/comic. Considering the world's crisis in Global Warming, perhaps the GREEN GIANT can finally exit the vegetable world and enter the kingdom of superheroes! Be not afraid people...GREEN GIANT is here to rid the world of toxic carbon emissions!!!!!! more to come...

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