Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back and fabulous!

Good evening to you~ I returned from my Summer getaway in Canada in the dusky hours last went wonderfully and I was able to visit relatives while getting work done :) Miraculous! I received my Middle Eastern charms shipment in Canada~ of Beautiful Saudi charms...they are so beautiful and difficult to find! The Hand of Fatima cluster necklace is now available at the remaining charms will be gifts for family. Besides the shipment, i also ventured into the heart of downtown Toronto to shop at a cutting edge wholesale materials supplier... Many new items will be popping up in the shops although it may take a few weeks as I am currently catching up on orders from this past week. I will soon be introdusing an array of necklace featuring a center charm, surrounded by hanging gemstones, similar to the photos at the bottom of this page....stay tuned for more!

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