Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back to the Grind

Good here it is a leisurely Sunday morning...or so you think! As for me, I will be in my studio ALL DAY, trying to finish last weeks orders. To add some meaning to my day yesteryday, I took a satisfying stroll to my local bead shop :) While the TO-DO list here at ARTWARK stores seems to be spiraling out of control for the week, I, as usual am in my own little world crafting new dainties...not to worry, all will be motto is to keep creating new ideas even amidst the chaos. After all, that is what the arts are truly about, no? Not to mention, as my writer friend once said "you can't rush art" ah, if only everyone agreed with that, I would have no deadlines..ever. Then again, perhaps an order would take 3 months to arrive? I'm off to the studio!! :)

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