Friday, June 13, 2008

The yacht club........

Well hello all...its has been an interesting week filled with juicy pieces. To begin, I went to my first ever NAWBO meeting- what is that you ask? it is the National Association of Women Business owners..and what do you know...I AM just that a woman. a business owner...anywho, it was the annual event held at a Yacht club. Now the second i read the email and the words YACHT and CLUB, i was already there. How exciting. Little old me, schmoozing at a Yacht club with the bigwigs :) ..I was very pleased to meet a boutique owner, publisher, diversity team, and the first ever president of the local association who now has a successful mass mailing business. She bought one of my pieces from my small sampler and was absolutely adorable! In addition, a local newpaper reporter wass capturing the event while a charity group for Women With Cancer collected a check from a recent NAWBO fashion show. **My favorite part of the evening (besides the beef and potato hors d'eouvres..jk..sort of) was that I was able to donate a higher end piece to the Charity which will be in a silent auction at an upcoming event. ... Talk about exciting! There were so many things going on that night i wasn't sure what to focus on. I made more valuable contacts in one night than I have in the past 6 months!

My ever so sweet Mom came with me and helped me pass out my business cards with flyers for my upcoming show...Moms are the best!

In other news, tomorrow (ia) I will be leaving for a short romp in Canada where I will venture into new beading territory..sort of. I have a supplier in Canada already who i buy from. He is sending my shipment to my uncle's place who live in last experience with Customs was BAD. 2 months and no order. Funny that things from Thailand take 2 weeks to process and Canadian orders don't show up at all....anyways~ that order is Saudi Arabian Gold vermeil Charms, Buddha Charms etc. so there will some new pieces in my Global Unity Collection coming soon (depending on what I dont keep :) ah the DANGERS of bead shopping :) it's like binge eating, or any other addiction... much love and beading.

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