Thursday, June 26, 2008


Good evening all you lovelies! I finally organized my room today, vacuumed etc. Next is the studio :/ every 2 months i re-organize, and lets just say that currently the studio looks like a tornado had a casual be honest I love seeing the sea of charms, stones and chains on my crimson work-table. A feast for mine eyes!

Today was quite productive: i posted some new necklaces with Sterling Silver Hamsa Hands, July 4th wishes necklace and a gorgeous Gold vermeil Buddha charms piece...stunningly reflective golds :) Be sure to check it other news, I spent the evening with my grl and we did a little shopping :) As a tribute to Metallics, I bought some gorgeous Gold Sandals with A tiny square of rhinestones on the addition, I have officially decided to create new business cards in GOLD paper. I can't wait!! So keep the orders coming!! I have to use up the current cards before making the new :) Hope you all are having fun and enjoying the wonderful weather! Much love....


Anonymous said...

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Jewelry By Artwark (all works COPYRIGHT) said...

hi there! i checked it out and great stuff!

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