Saturday, June 28, 2008

Essence of time

I realized today what it means "time is of the essence." Now, I'm no dummy, but it is one thing to understand a thing and another to realize it's meaning by feeling the actual intangible experience of what it is. Anywho, I had to cancel a breakfast with a friend so that I could finish up a huge project piece. And let's say my faith got me throught it this time around. It is The infamous PEACOCK NECKLACE (which you can see at After many strange dilemmas while I was tweaking it 'close to perfection' I arrived at the post office precisely at 1.53pm since the post closes at 2pm...I packaged it, called my brother to find the phone number of the judging area so i could mail it to an address (always helpful) and overnighted it to arrive by Monday 12midnight.

huuuuuuuuuu. Crazy. Yesterday i used my 35% off coupon at my favorite local bead shop. When I get the coupon, It's so exciting because I can actually get some of the really fancy vermeil and sterling charms that are just fantastic! I have so many delicous supplies right now and a show coming up in 2 weeks...I'm not sure what to make! I want to make everything!! But i haven't even started my nautical pieces....I bet If I was an octopus I could get a lot more done....that or if the day was just a bit longer. In other news, I DID post some interesting spiritual/eastern/lotus necklaces, so be sure to check them out with the links provided at the top of this blog.

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