Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Happy Canada Day everyone! Today has been a satisfying one. I got a massage :) woohoo and also hit up the bead shop to finally finish some fabulous stones I bought a while ago. Think Grade A Large Amethyst and Smoky Quartz tears. Faceted. They sparklet brilliantly. You know the ones you see at department stores/fine jewelry -it is high quality like them, but MUCH larger! Spectacular! I decided to do the ETHNIC work to them...meaning that I will tranform these fine American bought stones into Royal, Indian style necklaces. I purchased some lovely 22K Bright Gold Vermeil spacers and bead caps that I have manipulated into preferable cone-bead caps for the tops of the briolettes. An unusual, yet regal look :0 oh yes.

Other than that, just the usual, making, shipping, emailing....tomorrow I will meet up with some fellow lady business owners for some fun and intriguing cafe fun! ttyl!

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