Friday, July 4, 2008


Wishing you all a wonderful fourth of July!! I am off to the Lake tonight to see the worx! I have been so busy working, I think I will end up chilling with the fam, not so much the friends...In other news, I got up at 7am this morning, dragged myself up and out to make some new pieces...which I did :) I started a really interesting, simple collection which I ill have out this fall. It is a medium to large briolette or elongated tear with vermeil spacers and a little wired. It has a regal, interesting look with different color themes. For example, Brown Tiger eye tear with a sky blue chalcedony drop is: Earth and Sky. The brown as the Earth color, and the blue as the sky. They will be available on a decorative beaded chain in Gold Fill. FUN FUN!! Consequently, last night I worked until 1.30 AM to make some mass nautical necklaces...I think for local shows, guests are not always ready to put out the big bucks, but they definitely have a $20 for a nice necklace or pair or earrings.

I will be showing pieces from my trendy, high end and vintage collections, many at reduces prices since I am not paying any listing fees etc, as is the case online...would love to see some of ya there!! Buffalo, NY. July 13. Buffalo Indie

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