Saturday, July 26, 2008

Im ba-ack

Hola friends! Sorry for my absence...hopefully i was missed :/ LOL. Anywho, I have been sick this past legs were feeling like jello, headaches and just plain exhausted...I got as far as uploading my shop logo on this heres blog, but alas, that was all i could muster up my energy im ba-ack =) Doc says indeed it as exhaustion...with working crazily I have decided to cut down on the time i spend tending to my shops...I will still be around, but perhaps pursuing other endeavors as well...

Today, I made a custom necklace for someone who isn't born yet!!!!! it was a necklace for someone's neice who is on the cute is that! I was delighted :)) I have been contacted by some shops as well who are interested in buying large quantities of my pieces....sooooooooooo keep your fingers crossed for me, you might just see 'Artwark' in some unexpected places...nothing weird, mind you Artwark won't be peeking in your bathroom windows or anything LOL. But may just show up at your local gift shop...who knows? Anything is possible :)I have posted lots of new goodies at etsy and more new goodies are still needing to be up...I made this fabulous vintage style double layer pearl and chain necklace with a great swarovski flower on one side for an assymetric look...I only have one, and it will be up this weekend...if you are into vintage chic- high end, this is your kind of thing ! Check back soon!!!



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