Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Baaaaack :)

Hello all you lovelies! I have been very ill and was in the you saw in the last few blogs, I wasn't feeling so hot. Wellll, last week I suddenly had a severe dizzy spell and couldnt even sit up :( Not good. I was taken to the Emergency Room via Ambulance and stayed for testing over night. The ER was SO packed...seems like everyone is sick right now :( Soon to be better ia :) So anyways, I was treated for Dehydration, Inner Ear infection (causing the dizzies) and a virus. Needless to say, I was wiped out and just needed some good old fashioned TLC and rest :)

Thanks so much to my family for taking care of lil old me and my brother for emailing customers about order delays. Focusing on little wires etc. Is near impossible with the dizzyness, and I am just now getting back to being able to work on the computer...keep your fingers crossed for me :) Thanks so much to all you wonderful customers and your get well wishes as well as your patience in this situation. I can't wait to get back into everything.

***I will not be in the August Buffalo Indie market this weekend since travel is not possible for me now. However, I will be in Rochester, NY selling lots of pieces on August 22. For more info, email I also intend to do the Buffalo Market on September 07.


In other news, I will be reposting many sold items in the upcoming not fret, many are still available. I also have a new line of romantic/wellness locket necklaces that will be posted end of august/early september. Artwark is also expanding and I hope to be wholesaling some of my items to different boutiques around the world very soon!!!!!!



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