Friday, July 11, 2008

The meaning of Do's

There are so many Do's in my life right now...

1)my fresh new hairDO: I got a fabulous haircut yesterday..tres femme i must say :) With the wispy side bangs and some layers..just in time for this fun weekend!

2)MY TO DO LIST: Make 9 necklaces before the show this Sunday, price everything, inventory, photograph one of a kind items and cross my fingers that my order of necklace stands and much needed clasps arrives on saturday.

3)DUES: I can't find a book from the the overDUES are just racking up :( but sadly, far down on the list of to dos

4)represent DEW in some higher end seasonalal necklace: great blue iolite, chalcedony refreshing!

All in all, not a bad lot of DOs :) Im off to the post to mail out some orders :) Be sure to check the site next week for LOTS of new items...anything I dont sell at the Buffaloindie market will be up for grabs in the upcoming weeks!

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