Thursday, July 10, 2008

pEARLY deadlines

Well I am a pearl fanatic! I have just purchased swarovksi, rice,freshwater and mother of pearls this week and can't rave about them enough :) They are SO crisp and cool for the summer months. Just wearing them is enough to keep me cool and refreshed :) I have been making jewelry like a machine people, a machine! 75 pieces and 20 more to make before the show on sunday :)

I have done several one of a kind, and high end items with only the best selling online pieces left to make :) I took a little break today and got a much needed haircut. I'm not sure if its sultry or soccer mom-ish. Either way, at least I am now groomed. Since working at home, my diva-esque ways have gone to the dogs. (not that i have dogs, allergies). So i figured it as time to up the ante, and get back in the groove of things.

I could really use a nap, and lunch. Its 4pm and all I can think about is sleep/food...not to mention i have to BE at a business conference on LOL Blogging tips LOL at 5:30. I guess YOU will have to see if there are any improvements in the upcoming days ahead :)

Well I'm off! Check the shops for MANY new treasures next week after the show.

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