Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a bird...a plane...its SUPER TIME!

I can't believe summer is approaching it's end...FALL, my favorite season is upon us...well hold on now, its going to be 85 degrees on friday lol. I got a massage today :) So i'm ever so relaxed :) Yesterday, a friend of mine was sweet enough to spend the afternoon helping me prepare packaging...today I partially made MANY items, most of which I can't finish until tomorrow, when my materials come in...I ran out of chain, and many other things....I'm so excited because I have huuuuuuuuuuge amount of supplies arriving...it'so like Christmas when I see that FedEx man with that great box for me :) Funny, since i Don't celebrate Christmas....

Anyways, since my jewelry party is on Friday, and tomorrow is Wednesday, I partially made some items for the show too. Since overworking got me in the Emergency room 2 weeks back, I decided to just calm down and make just the best selling items...after all, people can always go online and buy...especially since this is a party, after all lol...getting nervous, can you tell?

Still, I have some things from my last event and I will have a slide show playing the whole time of my items in case anyone wants to place a lil' 'ol order....well...thats all for now!

more to come........

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