Sunday, August 17, 2008

Super Sundays

Hola!! Well it's a chilled out Sunday in my neck of the woods...Enjoyed a relaxing bbq with the family for lunch...and there is a bag of chocolate chip cookies on the table with my name written all over them. Did I mention a matching carton of Milk? WOOHOO! I am itching to get supplies that i ordered online for like a gazillion custom orders anddddddddddd a delicious collection of LOCKETS! I'm so obsessed with these that i literally dream about them at night! lol. Theres this perfectly pink rose vintage locket and I know juuuust what i'm going to put in the locket.....its a secret :) I ordered 3 lockets so they will be showing up in my Fall September.

Time to start clearing out the studio of all the summery themed elements to bring on the sultry and romantic mood of Autumn. I am stoked about the cooler weather and the Cat-eyed makeup of October...Paired with a nice locket necklace and you are sure to be the bohemian princess in the room! I feel time warped in the 1940's which you will see soon enough in the necklaces to come :) Have a great lazzzzzzzzy sunday dears, and be sure to check in again this week. UPCOMING EVENT: Rochester, NY GIRLS NIGHT OUT PARTY. With my jewelry, a peek at Fall's necklaces, Arbonne makeup and skin care, food, and drinks....good times! free, fun event! open to all!
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