Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chill time

Hola! So its a saturday afternoon...perfect summer weather outside in the low 80's with sunshine :) and very exciting news!! I personally styled a vendor with a necklace i call VEGAS that will she will be wearing at the FASHION EVENT of the YEAR at Caesar's Palace next weekend!! tres exciting! I can see a little bit of how exciting and last minute hectic it is in the fashion industry!! Keep your fingers crossed for Artwark friends! One of my best friends came out to my lil jewelry party last night....the highlight of the i miss our college days...they seem to have flown by oh, so fast! Stay tuned and check back soon for the Fall Line 2008~~

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Who/ what the heck is Artwark?

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Artwark is an up and coming jewelry business that began as a hobby 2 years ago. I am designer/marketer, Sarah and i welcome you to my little corner of the world :D