Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flying time!

Whoooooooooah! I can't believe the week flew by so fast! I could have sworn I wrote more recently...but i guess not :( Well heres the scoop: I am pretty much caught up in thats a plus! Just 2 more pieces and those are done...and I can get on to current orders stacking up in their own right! LOL. This upcoming friday I will be showing my pieces at a Girls night out party in Rochester NY. If you are Local or in the Area, stop in! It's at Rustic Village community Center. My friend is doing Arbonne...a high end skin care line and she invited me to show my pieces. I will have lots of goodies there!! It should be a fun night with food, drinks and grly good times!!!

I just went to a few garage sales this real good finds. Im having more luck online actually for the vintage lockets for Fall 2008 line. But I'm also really interested in some uber cool lockets I have been seeing lately that are like the vintage look of Guilloche, but are modern and made of modern (or vintage) Materials. Guilloche is Hand Painted images that are encased in glass or a bubble of glass and set on a locket or pendant. They are painted with enamel. I can't wait until I'm well enough to drive around freely again, I'm going to head over to Michael's Crafts to see if they have something i can use as my 'guinea pig.' muuhahahahah >:)

In other news, The summer is coming to a close quite fast! This whole summer was a blur of sitting in my studio and staring at my computer screen. It's like my fingers now have a mind of their own, typing faster than a speeding bullet. Fun Fact: I can type an average of 58 words per minute thanks to 19 years of piano lessons!!!! MORE TO COME!

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