Monday, August 11, 2008

vintage chic

I have to say that I am soooo loving the vintage look...I'm allergic to brass so I am working on a Sterling Silver and 14K Gold fill line of fabulously romantic locket necklaces. I have been searching around and have purchased silver and Gold lockets, as well as a few gorgeous vintage 14K Gold fill lockets online. They are from the 1940's and I'm really excited to start this new project. To commence, I have started wearing my hair in a very Brigitte Bardot Style, with bangs in the front and a puffy half up do. Cat eyes and dark lips are the IT look this fall, so methinks it will be a fun, fashion forward season :)

I'm also uber excited to be feeling on the way back to good health :) I got a start on back orders today and of course special orders too. I'm doing earrings for a bride :) Very exciting and my 'stash' from the last festival event is so depleted it looks like i have to make a whole batch of items for my show August 22......sigh. soooo much to doooooooooo :) If I were an Octopus, I could get ever so much more done LOL. However, I'm glad im not, that would be odd.

I started meditating, a suggestion from a few people when i was sick and I am finding it tres helpful. I find that I am much more calm and I am not getting overly obsessed with work lol. as i used to before. Have a great night all!

Sarah @ Artwark Studio

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