Saturday, August 9, 2008

Romance in the air

So this week I hope to make and ship all the back orders during my illness. Also, I have been working on a great new line of romantic locket necklaces to be posted within the next few weeks :) I have several different selections each with a gorgeous and unique focal locket. They are Sterling Silver and also some are antique silver. Gold may be following behind later. They all have a great vintage feel although materials of course are brand new. The lockets vary in shape from filigree to hearts and different finishes. I have wired some with vintage pearls, glass flowers and even faceted rondelles for all different, one of a kind looks. I will not be repeating designs for this collection...since romance and sentiment is so original to each of us, I think it best to make each necklace one of a kind as well...using different color pearls, combinations, etx.

Tomorrow...i plan to go shopping for a gold locket to see how that fits into this line. My idea is that the wearer can put little words of wisdom or mantras in the locket for a meaningful necklace. Photos of course are the other and more traditional use. Romannnnnnnnnnnnnce!!

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