Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo.... i hope you all had a fab few days! The Buffalo Indie Market was tres cool once again. Only my second show, but an adventure nevertheless! The atmosphere was chill and it was a nice turnout. There wasnt as many people or buyers for me as last time, but I was too tired to network to the other sellers as I did last time also. I love the Pearl Street Grill! Its such a chilled out venue and people in Buffalo are definitely cool!

I passed lots of biz cards, so I think the advertising element is really good for events like these. Its nice to just chat with people. It was super cute when a Mom and Daughter pair dropped by looking ever so cute and checking out the MOTHERS LOVE necklaces. Then, another highlight was a sweet couple, where the boyfriend bought his lady a KISSING BIRDS necklace awwwwwwwwww!!!

I gotta find me a guy!! LOL. As the day wore on, I scarfed down Chicken wings and potato logs (tres yum!) and bartered a necklace for a really funky wallet. Check out tackytophat.com for funky Indie goodies :)~

My ever-so sporty Dad helped me by driving the 1.5 hour distance and helped me set up. Halfway through the day, my bro and his lady came through and helped too :)~ I sold some stuff and am trying to catch up with email orders as usual...Im super excited about a unique Wedding gift order im doing with a Sterling Silver Russian Nesting Doll involved!

finally am starting to feel back to normal after weirdly being sick for 6 weeks...YAY! Lots of new FALL themes stuff to be posted like 24k GOLD leaf necklaces, FREE FORM leaf and branch jewelry and morrrrrrrrrrrrrre :) See you at the shops! www.artwark.com


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