Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Saturday! This week I made my whole FALL 2008 collection. They are available at go through the links to my 2 shops. There are some eclectic acorn, and branch limited time necklaces (since FALL is such a short season) and then a few really exciting choker/necklaces inspired by the renaissance time and Grecian Goddesses Demeter, Aphrodite and more! I spent a great deal of time hand selecting each crystal and pearl for these and then putting them together. They are most likely one timers so if you think you may be interested, check it out. They are so in sync with the blooms wired over the stones in cascading sizes, i dunno if i will bring them back again. The colors are vibrant, rich and vintage-esque looking....emanating the appearance of old world charm with contemporary contrasts.

in other news, I have been collaborating with a great little local shop in town that sells REMBRANDT charms. For those that don't know, these are really high quality, gorgeous charms with every theme you can think of. It may be risky since the prices are much higher than what im used to buying wholesale, BUT, I am really loving the quality of the charms. So far, i made the FREE BIRD necklace using a cool component from them and the LIKE PEAS IN A POD friendship necklace. soooo, LOTS of new stuff on the sites, and much more coming soon for the Holiday season ahead! more soon!


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