Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday mornin, And im sleepy. Don't really feel like doing much today, alas, the studio calls me as if from a dream.....beckoning me with needs to fill orders, bending and unbending metals. Packaging etc. Boo :( Sales are down :( I'm finally learning the tough side of business. Must be a slump since schools just opened and its Mid season. I just posted some quirkily cool autumn necklaces that are literally they are acorns, branches and check it out @

In other news, I just ordered some really awesome supplies! Vintage glass crystals and mountings to set them on! I already have on really cool idea for a piece, so keep your fingers crossed for me :)

My computer is acting weird...the text is bleeding a little you know what i mean? And its a bit odd...I hope the comp survives my friends, or else it will mean goodbye for a while :(

Anywho, send me a shout at the shops!!

Your Arwark

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