Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentines piece

Hello all :) My apologies for not getting those new Valentines pieces up!! This weekend was tiring but really exciting. And i promise I will have new pieces up monday at etsy and tuesday at Ebay. LUCKY YOU ALL though, because of this little glitch, to make it up to you all, i am extending my FREE NECKLACE offer until February 15. This means for every purchase of $60 plus, i will include a SPECIAL GIFT> A Gold plated heart necklace on an 18" inch chain. At BOTH etsy and Ebay shops so keep checking back at for those.

In other news, this weekend was just great! Friday i spent some much needed down time with a group of girlfriends. Since I'm Bengali, the group is a great mix of Pakistani girls plus a few one-ers, me, the Bengali, and an Egyptian girl. It was a chilled out evening at our local Cafe downtown and we definitely chatted the night away.

Saturday night was my very close friend's bachelorette partay! So after finishing orders and mailouts at 2 pm, i got a little sleep and then went to join the ladies. The bride to be, KOONS and I go waaaay back to the 7th grade! She is getting married this Valentines day (too cute) so it was really nice seeing her...we went cosmic bowling...where the light go out, replaced by strobes and music...tres fun. Finished off with the popular Garbage plate dinner...believe it or not, in our town, the Garbage plates are SO popular, that in some HOTS/Grill restaurants, it the main dish! Think choice of meat plus toppings like fries, and mac salad....

lots of fun but very little sleep for me this weekend :D I ended up sleeping the day away today, losing work time, but just this once, it was worth it :)Hope that you are also having a fabulous weekend! What did you do??

Check back Wednesday for a brand spankin' new NECKLACE GIVEAWAY GAME!!

much love,
Sarah @

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