Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hola all! hope you had a fantabulous weekend! Congrats goes to MARY VALLE! the winner of the Flower filigree earrings from last weeks giveaway!! Be sure to contact me to redeem your earrings!

In other news, I just had to share an interesting find I stumbled onto this week. I am totally a HUGE fan of Etsy, as many of us are. For those that don't know yet, is a wonderful website that is ALL HANDMADE. Meaning that thousands and thousands of artisans each have a little shop there. You can find just about anything at Etsy made by hand. I am a huge fan of making, buying and wearing jewelry. So I am constantly researching, looking at new and interesting designs and buying many as well for my own wearing.

Celeste Christie has several running projects, one being her brand new Etsy shop with coin necklaces. She uses REAL quarters pave'd with gemstones! This Missippi Quarter is so pretty with pave on the flowers. Pave is a process of setting stones into metal. Very popular in today's 'bling' world, but rarely found on Etsy. I love how she combines such a unique look with a trendy bling factor. Not to mention that each quarter is recycled, so its quite the genius tactic (and I bet its great to not have to go too far to restock on 'supplies' just reach into that purse!!)

Another interesting aspect of her shop is the Button Collection. Here, she beautifully pave's the quarter and then spends it in a vendings machine!! The coin is photographed and set into a button setting, which can then be worn, brooch style. Nifty!

Such a neat idea, but i must admit, I am a bit jealous of the vending machine owners, or the lady at the bank that stumbles across the gorgeous quarters, and well, just might have to pocket it for their own collection!

Click on today's post link to get to her shop at Etsy or just copy the link to check it out yourself!

Be sure to check back this Wednesday for a list of Artwark's fave spring finds!!


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