Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well Wishes Interview: fighting against the Global Water Crisis

A few months ago, my friend told me about a group she began and with the help of the local Mosque, youth and friends has maintainted. It is the Well Wishes Foundation, spreading awareness and raising money to provide water for people in the most impoverished parts of the world. I wanted to share this story with you...

Founder, Subia attends college and first heard about the Global Water crisis in a class she was taking. She immediately wanted to somehow help. She says, "The idea that every 15 seconds a child dies from lack of water really moved me" "I couldn't believe it." And so the project commenced. She contacted local affiliations and started a collaborative effort with the existing groups, Global Giving and Hidaya. All the funds raised by WELL WISHES goes directly to those groups. They in turn use the money directly to create water wells for different villages that have no source of clean water.

Through the process, Subia gathered local youth and friends interested in the cause who contacted community members and posted signs around town about the group to spread awareness. Word quickly moved and the WELL WISHES story was covered by the local media which you can see HERE. The striking thing is that as people become more aware, almost everyone wants to take part and help! Such is humanity.

After hearing about the group, I was shocked at the reality that so many people lacked such a BASIC thing. I wanted to help in the way I know best: through Art. I created the A drop of Water Earrings that resemble precious drops of water. You can see them HERE. They are only $20 a pair and 100% of proceeds from them go directly to WELL WISHES. So far, 10 pairs have sold, enough to make one entire well to provide water for an entire village...because....

Each well costs only $200 to create~ WELL WISHES' goal in July was to raise $10,000. With the efforts and help of community donations most being members and the institution of the local Islamic Center, WELL WISHES has already reached their midpoint of $5,000 enough for 50 WELLS! The concept of WELL WISHES is to spread awareness globally about the water crisis. Please try to help if you can, in Subia's words, "we are so lucky that here even in the worse economic crisis, water is not something we have to think about" whereas in other nations, the addition of water is a life or death situation.

For more information, contact WellWishes.myg@gmail.com
See the facebook group HERE

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