Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gardening fun!

Hi All it has been so long since i posted something new & fun :D So today, while i was gardening, I came upon something, so i thought I just MUST share :D It was Super hot out, so I looked at the Garden of bright roses, marigolds & other perennials & watered them nicely. I noticed a small knot in the base of the hose, so after watering, I went to unravel it. And I saw something far down.... tra la seemed to be saying...just merrily strolling along on the underside of the hose, not a care in the world, aside from getting refreshed from the day's heat....
upon closer inspection, i found this little guy!!

Gliding along...

i just love his perfect little antennae!!...

Any police or cross walk guard would be proud...walking riiight in the yellow lines!!! I love summer

more soon on new summer items, bridal pieces and more!!

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